BR Day em Nova York é transferido para 2021 por conta do coronavírus

Ivete Sangalo faz a festa em Nova York no BR Day de 2014: próxima edição será em 2021 – Foto: Divulgação – Blog do @miguel.arcanjo

A pandemia do novo coronavírus que atinge o mundo e especialmente Nova York torna impossível a realização da mais tradicional festa de brasileiros na Big Apple, o Brazilian Day, agora chamado apenas de BR Day. A 36ª edição que ocorreria neste 2020 precisou ser transferida para 2021 por seu organizador, João de Matos.

O evento já teve participação de nomes como Olodum, Ivete Sangalo e Carlinhos Brown. A nova data já foi determinada: 5 de setembro de 2021. “Vamos realizar uma grande, bela e histórica festa”, promete João Matos. Que assim seja.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Brazilian Day – Br Day – Family, You cannot imagine how difficult it is to write this message. Many of you have been following Brazilian Day – BrDay – since its beginning at 46th Street, in 1984. We had a small stage, with an estimated audience of 5,000 people. We have grown a lot and we have held 35 uninterrupted festivals since then. Almost 100 top Brazilian and several American artists have performed on our stage. According to my estimates, more than 30 million people have attended the Brazilian Day festival and hundreds of millions more participated via TV and social networks. We could have built a bridge of people connecting New York to Brazil! I admit that since the end of the apotheotic event of last year, which brought together 2 million people, we were already working on the 2020 festival. However, as should you all have followed, we are living in a global pandemic, which strongly affects the City of New York, the city of BR DAY, and which is taking the lives of many people and changing the direction and desires that we pointed out in the first seconds of January 1st, 2020. Honestly, it hurts me a lot to write this message. However, due to this situation – for the loved ones who passed away, for the inability to meet the deadlines, the economy downturn and lack of sponsorships – the Mayor of New York announced today in a press conference that no license will be given until June and, due to all the uncertainties, they still don’t know yet when they will be given after that. I had no alternative but to postpone the 36th Br Day to September 5th, 2021. In 2021, after the pandemic, we will have a big and beautiful festival. A historic one! And I will be there waiting for you! I ask everyone to take care of yourself and follow the instructions of our leaders! We will all come back stronger, and together we will make THE GREATEST BRAZILIAN PARTY OUTSIDE OF BRAZIL. BR DAY 2021 YOUR PARTY! With immense sadness João de Matos

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